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The example provided is for an executive in IT Project Management. We also specialise in the creation of expert cover letters for all levels of clientele: entry level students, graduates, 

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We cater for all industries and all sectors. 

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We specialise in the creation of expert cover letters for all levels of clientele: entry level, students/graduates, intermediate level, executive level, career change and more. We cater for all industries and all sectors. 


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Dear Salutation / Surname


I am a highly successful, competent team member, with a background of extensive hands-on project-management experience in key areas of interest to ABC plc. My success has been both internal to the companies to which I've contributed and externally to clients and customers. I'd like to bring that success to ABC plc. The position advertised, as an IT Senior Manager, would specifically enable me to contribute the following to your bottom line and that of your clients:


. A finely honed strategic sense that makes me a value-added and innovative solution-provider, combined with the proven ability to comprehend the project life-cycle and manage diverse projects;


. A solid technological understanding and the savvy to assimilate, implement, and integrate the systems that form the underpinnings of business;


. The adaptability and customer-driven mindset that would enable your company to build and maintain profitable relationships with your clients and penetrate their markets.


During more than 10 enjoyable years in ITIL and E-Business Development at XYZ Ltd, I have consistently led projects that resulted in increased revenues, reduced costs, and salvaged customer relationships. I have consistently and successfully contributed superlative project-management skills, whilst motivating team members, fine-tuning project plans, and juggling multiple activities. I have frequently been recognised for my analytical skills and ability to scrutinise the company's and the clients' needs, as well as conceptualise innovative solutions. My Prince 2 practioner's certificate further bolsters my qualifications.


With great efficiency and profitability, I can implement Project Management and Project Life -Cycle methodologies to refine project scope, adjust deliverables, review the budget and set time-lines, track project resources and status, update executive level and business-team sponsors, check financials for alignment with company goals, as well as lead, mobilise, and coach cross-functional project team members.


Please find attached my current CV that demonstrates the skills I have developed; all of

which clearly showcases an eclectic portfolio of accomplishments and my overall ability to deliver projects on-time and within budget. Additionally, I am passionate about continuing to achieve my life and career aims and very much hope that you will respond positively to my application.


I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest convenient opportunity.



Yours sincerely,


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