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Well done, your application has been successful and you've been invited to attend an interview. Do you have combined feelings of delight whilst feeling nervous in anticipation of your interview day?


Our CV writing service is designed to win you interviews, so naturally we want to help you with the next step and help you secure your career move with a successful interview.

We've years of experience within the recruitment industry and can help you prepare. We've put together a detailed guide that includes; main interview types, the secrets behind the interviewers' needs, a selection of the most popular questions asked; with career tailored answers that will ensure you answer even the toughest question confidently.


Alternatively, we can undertake a telephone consultation and provide you with a career tailored interview coaching session. Expert advice to help you ace your interview.


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Receive your tailored guide within 24 hours of ordering. 


4. Following a careful review of the document; you will learn how to ace

your interview and achieve the success you deserve.


What the service includes.

Interview Preparation

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Ace your

interview and

 achieve success


Alternatively, we can provide you with expert advice

during a telephone based consultation.


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Interview Preparation - Your guide to success


Customer support - call 0333 123 1131 for assistance.


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Achieve interview success


How the service works.

1. We provide you with a detailed guide to interview preparation.


2. We reveal the interviewers' hidden needs.


3. Provide you with the 4 key elements that an interviewer looks for.


4. We tell you what you must say and what you must try to avoid saying: important do's and don'ts.


5. We prepare you for the main types of interview you may attend and tell you what to expect. We help build your confidence.


6. We provide you with career tailored answers to the most popular questions asked. We help you meet employer expectations.


7. We detail competency based questions and how to match your skills to the questions they ask.


8. In addition to providing you with a written report, we can at your bequest, call you and provide you with a career coaching session.

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Comprehensive written guide to interview preparation.


We teach you how to prepare for the interview and show you how to create the most effective answers.


This e-book will prove to be invaluable in helping you fine-tune your interview skills, ace your interview and get hired.

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As a recruitment consultant, with over 20 years' experience, I've interviewed hundreds of job-seekers. I've witnessed the good, the bad, and the awful.


I've seen highly experienced candidates, who on paper (CV), and despite clearly evidencing that they have the core competencies required to fulfill the post, flunk their interview and fail to get hired.


Opposite, you'll find the 3 main mistakes that result in job-seekers failing to achieve success during their interview:


Naturally, having helped you achieve that all-important interview via our CV writing service, we want to help you secure the role.


Your guide reveals the interviewers "hidden needs", prepares you for what to expect, and in-turn raises your confidence.



Stephen - Senior Consultant. 



Mistake 1. Clearly not understanding the true purpose of the interview. Once you know what purpose the interview serves for the employer you will have job offers fall into your lap.



Mistake 2. Not understanding how to use the interview as a tool. The key components of a successful interview are simple, yet the majority of job-seekers do not know how to implement them.



Mistake 3. Not understanding what the interviewer is looking for and failing to provide such. Many candidates do not know how to answer questions the "right way". The "right way" gets you hired, whilst the "wrong way" leaves you wondering what went wrong. 





Receive your personally tailored guide to interview success and learn how to ace any interview. Order today and receive a 30% discount.


JInterview preparation guide

Just £20.00 - Receive your guide within 24 hours of ordering.