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Comprehensive collection of guides designed to help you create attention grabbing and interview-winning Curriculum Vitae.


We show you how to create a clear and persuasive Personal Profile Statement.


We include the 6 key points required, and provide you with succinctly written examples for inclusion within your CV and Cover letter.


You will receive an important guide to achievement inclusion; one which helps you communicate to an employer the value you will bring.

We show you how to tell an employer:


1. What they want to know. 2. How to show them your value. 


We show you how to create a:

Keyword rich attention grabbing profile, expertise and skills section. Showcasing all relevant transferable skills and your professional development.

We show you how to develop a:

Targeted and persuasive marketing tool. Provide you with succinctly written sentences that

highlights notable achievements and your array of skills. Key phrases and power verbs included.


We show you how to:

Demonstrate recent achievements. Include quantifiable facts that add context for the reader.

Highlight your proficiency within your chosen career path.

Expertly written documents, that will significantly help you obtain those all-important interviews.


Many clients have already benefited and have enjoyed success using our inspirational set of guides; designed to create professional, interview-winning CVs and Cover letters.


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All of the above, and a guide to interviews. Expert information; with 20 career tailored questions and answers included. Detailing all possibe types of interview and what to do to ensure your success....

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